Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin may be an epic single player RPG, but Capcom has also included a rather comprehensive set of multiplayer options, which can be played in local or online setups. In this guide we break down the unlock requirements and the options you have for playing with friends and others online.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Multiplayer

How to Access Multiplayer

To access Multiplayer you'll need to progress roughly a dozen hours into the story to the second main area, after which point it can be accessed at the Quest Board.

When playing online you can browse existing rooms, create your own for specific quests or join a friend by searching for their match ID (which resembles a friend code, it's surprisingly long!)

Be sure to check your Multiplayer Setup regularly, as you set your party and so on.

Versus Battles

You can engage in 1v1 or 2v2 battles, an ideal option for quick online sessions. You each have a party of three monsters, so be sure to choose one for each attack type; the game assigns everyone at level 50 to balance the odds, which is nice for those at different points of progress. That said, your rider stats will give you a boost, especially if you have armour or accessories that help you with healing after each turn, for example.

It is, ultimately, a colourful representation of rock-paper-scissors, as you try to second guess your opponent's chosen elemental attacks. All players plan their moves at the same time, with a 60 second limit, and you only see each other's moves after they're submitted. There is strategy, though, such as how you use your Kinship Gauge for 'Ride' attacks or otherwise, and with a choice of specific 'packs' of potions with different advantages you can definitely strategize your way to glory.

Co-Op Quests

Supporting two players, you embark on quests through areas reminiscent of some of the dungeons and dens in the main game. Unlike the PVP battles you go into these quests with your full collection of items and consumables.

There's a degree of random generation, and though things like treasure chests and resources spawn in the same place for both players, some of the rewards are randomised.

Each area has a target monster to beat which ends the quest, but there's also a broader area you can explore first. Smaller monsters can be fought or avoided, and you can split up; we think it's better to stick together though. Technically one player can go into a fight without the other; a battle is shown by a ring around your co-op buddy on the site of the conflict, and if you run into that ring you can help out.

We think it's more fun and in the spirit of the mode to stick together, finding goodies and taking down monsters together. The 'boss' of each quest will pose a stiffer challenge, but before jumping in each quest has a difficulty rating so you can be prepared.

Ultimately the mode is a fun way to play with friends and, in the process, earn plenty of resources and money that carry across into your story campaign.

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