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A key to success in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is finding new 'Monsties' for your party, developing their abilities and ensuring you have the tools to succeed throughout the story. In this guide we focus on how to find the best Eggs and develop a well balanced party.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Monstie Eggs Guide

Where to find Monstie Eggs

A major focus of Monster Hunter Stories 2 is developing a party of 'Monsties', which are just normal monsters given a cute name; they join you in battle and also contribute while exploring the world. Plus it's a lot of fun riding them around, too, a perk of being a Rider as opposed to a Hunter in this RPG's story.

Early on you'll be given one monster to start, but outside of some early tutorial areas it'll become your job to find and obtain eggs to boost not only the numbers in your party, but the variety. To do this you find Monster Dens as you explore; they're easy to spot, with grey dens being regular versions and gold being rare dens. These are randomly generated, so occasionally they'll be very short and you immediately have the chance to grab an egg from a nest, or you'll have to explore a little and potentially fight off what is presumably the parent monster; try not to think too much about the ethics of it...

Finding and Hatching the Best Monstie Eggs

When you approach a nest you'll get either one or three safe attempts at picking an egg - your buddy Navirou prompts you. As you pick up an egg Navirou will give you a summary, but if you get a special egg the animation will also show a golden glow as you pick it up. The more smelly an egg the better(?!), plus the heavier the better; when you have an egg you run out of the den while carrying it and, hey presto, it's in your collection.

To actually hatch an egg you'll need to go back to one of multiple hub towns / villages. Head to the stable, talk to the feline and you can hatch those eggs and see what new monsters you have.

Image: Capcom / Nintendo Life

Monstie Types and Expeditions

As the game progresses you'll build up a good collection of monsters and you'll be able to expand your stable to keep more. Our approach was to keep one of each variety of monster, partly because we like collecting things and each breed of monster has specific abilities and types that will aid you in battle and exploration. Early on, if your stables have the room don't release any duplicates, because you'll eventually lean Rite of Channeling; you can use this to transfer an ability from one monster to another; the 'donating' monster disappears, but any extras and duplicates can help to make your existing group stronger. There are extra benefits if you can match colours in threes in the grid, so bear that in mind.

Even further into the game you'll earn the ability to send monsters on expeditions, which take place in real time while you're off saving the world. This ability arrives as your collection should already be growing, and as monsters only earn XP when active in your party this is a great way to level up your companions that are inactive. Particularly later in the game you'll hatch eggs of some powerful monsters that will nevertheless start out at level 1, so when it's available make frequent use of expeditions from the Stable menu.

That's it for this page, but you should also check out our hub page below for further Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin guides!

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