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Your main objective in Metroid Prime Remastered, beyond blasting Space Pirates, is to gather up 12 Chozo Artifacts in order to gain access to the game's final area. In this guide, we'll show you how to get every Artifact in the game, listing every Artifact by location with instructions on how to collect it.

Many of the Chozo Artifacts will be inaccessible until you gain all of Samus' upgrades. If you need help locating those upgrades, then be sure to follow our full Power Suit Upgrade guide for all the info.

So, let's take a look at where to find all 12 Chozo Artifacts.

Metroid Prime Remastered Artifact Guide - All Artifact Locations

Before you go off hunting down the Artifacts, head on over to the Artifact Temple in Tallon Overworld.

This area is where the 12 Artifacts are ultimately housed and is where you'll find the first one. In addition, scanning the pillars located in the area will reveal brief hints as to where to find the corresponding Artifact (or you could just follow this guide).

Tallon Overworld

Artifact of Truth

Room: Artifact Temple
Method: The first Artifact is an easy one. Simply head to the Artifact Temple directly from the Landing Site and walk down to where the 12 pillars stand. Right in the middle is the first Artifact; grab it and enjoy the jaunty little jingle that follows.

Artifact of Chozo

Room: Life Grove
This is where you'll find the X-Ray Visor, so you'll need the Boost Ball and Ice Beam beforehand. When you've defeated the Chozo Ghosts that appear after grabbing the visor, jump into a nearby pool.

Inside, you'll see an icon that you can destroy with a bomb. This will cause a pillar to raise from the ground, which also includes a boost mechanism. Roll into this and boost until you raise a second pillar with a connecting pathway. The Artifact of Chozo can be found in the second pillar.

Chozo Ruins

Artifact of Lifegiver

Room: Meditation Chamber
Method: In the Tower of Light (where you pick up the Wavebuster upgrade), there will be a Wave Beam door right at the bottom of the room. It's underwater, though, so you'll need the Gravity Suit to be able to move freely and space jump up to the door. Head inside and grab the Artifact of Lifesaver.

Artifact of Wild

Room: Sunchamber
When you revisit the room where you defeated Flaahgra and picked up the Varia Suit, you'll be greeted by three Chozo Ghosts. Defeat these (use the X-Ray Visor to see them clearly) and the Artifact of Wild will appear above the remains of Flaahgra.

Artifact of World

Room: Elder Chamber
In the Hall of the Elders, there are three coloured lock mechanisms that each correspond to your three unlockable weapon beams. The third is red and so is linked to the Plasma Beam. Shoot the lock to activate it, then turn into a morph ball and bomb it. The Chozo statue in the middle of the room will move forwards, revealing a chamber beneath housing the Artifact of World.

Magmoor Caverns

Artifact of Nature

Room: Lava Lake
Pretty straightforward one here, but you'll need the Space Jump Boots to get to it. In the large Lava Lake room, you'll see a suspicious rocky pillar in the middle of the lake. Fire a Super Missile at it to destroy it, then jump over to the Artifact of Nature that's inside.

Artifact of Strength

Room: Warrior Shrine
Method: In the Monitor Station of Magmoor Caverns (which is pretty much the only room housing any kind of Space Pirate technology), you'll need to reach the very top with help from the Space Jump Boots and Boost Ball ability.

Double jump on top of the Monitor Station until you see a mechanism to raise a metallic bridge; use your Boost Ball here. When the bridge is raised, stroll on over and jump over to a ledge on the wall. Now, simply walk around until you come to a doorway. Open the door and say hi to the Artifact of Strength.

Phendrana Drifts

Artifact of Elder

Room: Control Tower
This one is a little easy to miss if you're not sure exactly what to do. First of all, head to the Control Tower, the exterior room within the Research Base in Phendrana Drifts. Take out the Flying Pirates, then jump up onto the East Tower. Destroy a stack of crates within and you'll see a window covered with ice.

Use the Plasma Beam here, then fire a missile through the window and into the base of the tower beyond. This will collapse and open up a small space in which Samus can jump down and grab the Artifact of Elder. A bit of demolition goes a long way.

Artifact of Sun

Room: Chozo Ice Temple
Once again, you'll need the Plasma Beam here. At the top of this room resides a Chozo Statue, its hands held in the perfect position for your Morph Ball. Sadly, it's all frozen solid, so use your Plasma Beam to melt the ice, then nestle into the statue's hands in your Morph Ball. This will cause an opening to reveal itself beneath the statue, letting you go right in and grab that Artifact of Sun.

Artifact of Spirit

Room: Storage Cave
Near the top of the circular Phendrana's Edge room (where you'll find an expansion to your Power Bomb), use the X-Ray Visor and you'll notice a door is hidden behind a vulnerable, icy wall. Simply blow up this wall with a Power Bomb, then open the door that lies beyond with your Plasma Beam. The Artifact of Spirit is waiting for you within.

Phazon Mines

Artifact of Warrior

Room: Elite Research
This one is pretty simple - well, in theory. You'll notice a capsule here containing a rather nasty beast called the Phazon Elite. Simply use a Power Bomb to release the beast, then get ready for a fight (make sure you scan it too!).

Be aggressive here, but avoid shooting the Pirate when its hand is raised, as this will absorb your shots. A few charged shots of your Plasma Beam and you should be fine. When it's down, grab the Artifact.

Artifact of Newborn

Room: Phazon Mining Tunnel
You'll need the Phazon Suit here, which is good, because you'll pick it up just a few rooms away by facing off against the Omega Pirate.

Once you've got the Suit, head back to the Phazon Mining Tunnel. Make your way down to where the ground is covered with blue Phazon. Now that you have the Phazon Suit, this stuff won't hurt you, so make your way to the far left, bombing blocks along the way, until you find the Artifact of Newborn.

So, what now?

When you've collected all 12 Chozo Artifacts, simply head back to the Artifact Temple on Tallon Overworld (but be sure to save at your ship in the Landing Site first).

A cutscene will play to show the Temple activating, but it's not long before a nasty beast shows up to disrupt proceedings... Get ready for a big fight.

So there you have it; if you followed this guide, then you now have enough Artifacts to access the game's final area, the Impact Crater. Good luck, Bounty Hunter. Check out our full Metroid Prime Remastered walkthrough for more tips and tricks.