Image: Nintendo Life

No Man's Sky has finally launched on Nintendo Switch and we've been mighty impressed with Hello Games' surprisingly solid port.

Even more excitingly, now that the game's huge new Waypoint update has dropped on Nintendo's console, Switch players can go ahead and redeem some lovely exclusive rewards in the form of a super slick Joy Con-inspired Horizon Vector NX spaceship and the Infinite Neon Mark XXII Multitool. Sweet!

Both of these freebies are significant upgrades to the ship and multitool you get starting out in the game, so it's well worth making the time to go redeem them ASAP. Let's take a quick look at exactly how to get the Switch-exclusive items, as it's perhaps not the easiest thing to figure out if you're new to all things No Man's Sky.

How To Get No Man's Sky Switch Ship And Multitool (Horizon Vector NX and Infinite Neon Mark XXII)

There are a few simple steps to follow here in order to get your Switch-exclusive content, and the most important thing you'll need to have done is reached the point in the story where you first visit the Space Anomaly. This happens very early on and so just stick to blasting through the tutorial and main story beats and you'll get to this point in just a handful of hours.

Once you've visited the Space Anomaly for the first time you can recall it and have it appear anywhere in open space whenever you fancy by simply pulling up your quick menu (push down on your d-pad) and choosing to Summon Space Anomaly.

Now dock inside the monolithic structure and look directly ahead across from where your ship is docked and you should be able to see a purple icon hovering over the Quiksilver Merchant on the ground floor.

Head on over to the Quiksilver Merchant and you'll be able to redeem both items of exclusive gear for the princely sum of exactly zero space credits. We love to see it.

Now you can switch out your multitool in the main menu and use the same quick menu that you used to summon the Space Anomaly to switch from your starter ship to the Vector NX, which is a much nippier little craft than the rather cumbersome Radiant Pillar BC1.

And there you have it. Enjoy your exclusive Switch goodies, travellers!

Have you been playing No Man's Sky on Switch yet? Let us know how you're finding the port so far in the comments below!