Fire Emblem Engage Alear
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Fire Emblem Engage expands across the entirety of the Nintendo tactical JRPG franchise, bringing in heroes and references from games gone by. This includes the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes, from which you can redeem a free in-game item set to give you an early boost in Engage.

To get the Order of Heroes item set, you will have to link your app progress to your My Nintendo Account and then receive a unique eShop code to be used on the Switch and directly applied to Engage. This can be a slightly confusing process if you have not done something similar before, so we have assembled the following guide to give you a helping hand.

Complete the following instructions and redeem the Order of Heroes item set for free.

What's in the Fire Emblem Engage Order of Heroes set?

The Order of Heroes item set is available to redeem from 19th January 2023 and contains the following weapons and Bond Rings:

  • The Fólkvangr weapon
  • The Fensalir weapon
  • The Nóatún weapon
  • The Alfonse S-rank Bond Ring
  • The Sharena S-rank Bond Ring
  • The Anna S-rank Bond Ring

The item set can only be obtained by those who have completed Fire Emblem Heroes' tutorial and made it past Chapter Three of Fire Emblem Engage. If you have made it to this point in both games then there is nothing standing in your way!

Fire Emblem Engage - How to redeem the Order of Heroes item set

Step 1: Accessing the My Nintendo Page

Firstly, you will need to make sure that you have connected your My Nintendo Account to your Fire Emblem Heroes progress. To do so, make your way to the app's home screen and press on the 'Quests & Missions' icon in the bottom right. If you have not linked your account, follow the on-screen instructions which will prompt you to sign in via a link to the My Nintendo site.

With this complete, the 'Quests & Missions' page will be available to you. Tap the blue coin icon in the top right to see all of the available rewards that you can redeem.

Step 2: Getting your download code

Once you can see the My Nintendo Rewards page in the app, you are ready to redeem your item set download code. Simply look for the free reward called 'Nintendo Switch Game Bonus Code + 5 Orbs' and select it.

Doing this will provide you with a 16-digit download code that you will need to use on the Switch to get the item pack. You might want to keep the page displaying the download code open or take a screenshot of it for easy access in the next step.

This code is functional for 150 days after being received. If you do not use it within 150 days, the code will no longer work.

Step 3: Enter your code on the Switch eShop

Power up your Switch and head over to the eShop by pressing the icon at the bottom of the home page. Once in, select 'Redeem Code' from the left column and input the 16-digit code from the mobile app.

Step 4: Redeeming items in Engage

Fire Emblem Engage Items
Image: Nintendo

Launch your copy of Fire Emblem Engage and head to the Somniel. Upon arrival at the base of operations, you will receive a notification of your 'special gift' and the items will be yours to use in battle.

If the notification does not appear on entering the Somniel, close the game and restart the software before trying again.

Just like that, you're ready to go! Redeem the exclusive weapons and Bond Rings to give you even more ways to play in Fire Emblem Engage.