Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Make Fruitcake
Image: Nintendo Life

We're not massive fruitcake fans here at the Disney Dreamlight Valley guides factory, but you have to admit — they do look pretty. But how do you make Fruitcake in Disney Dreamlight Valley? It won't be Christmas/the non-denominational festive season without that heavy brick of a dessert!

We have a full recipe guide right here, but if it's just Fruitcake you want, we understand. You can just keep scrolling down for the instructions.

How to make Fruitcake in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You'll need the following ingredients:

  • 1 Wheat
  • 3 Fruit

"Fruit" means any old fruit — apples, lemons, gooseberries, coconuts, whatever you have to spare. You can grab most fruit from the trees around Dreamlight Valley.

Wheat can be bought from Goofy's Stall in the Peaceful Meadow for 1 Star Coin. It takes almost no time to grow.

You'll also need one Coal Ore to cook, which you can get from striking mining spots with your pickaxe.

How to cook Fruitcake in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Head to a stove or to Remy's restaurant to open up the cooking menu, and then just find the ingredients in your list and add them into the pot.

Put it all together and voilà — you have yourself a Fruitcake.

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