Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Glittering Herring 1
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

As part of Elsa's 'What Home Feels Like' quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the iconic ice queen will ask you to make a dish that reminds her of home: Fish Pie.

This pie requires four ingredients: Dandelion Syrup, Butter, Wheat, and Glittering Herring. You're here because you're having trouble catching that pesky herring, but no worries! We've nailed down the fishue. Er, the issue.

How to catch Glittering Herring

Head to the Glade of Trust while it's raining, and find a golden, glittering fishing spot. This should contain the Glittering Herring.

What not to do

Some warnings for you, because this quest has a few ways it can go wrong:

  • Do not use the Glittering Herring in any recipe other than the Fish Pie
  • Make sure that the Fish Pie is also using the Dandelion Syrup, the Wheat, and the Butter
  • Do not make the Fish Pie before the quest requires you to

Still having problems?

Elsa told you that the Glittering Herring only appears in the Glade of Trust on rainy days, but many people have reported that it only turns up on stormy days in particular. Head back to the Glade once you notice lightning and thunder, and cross your fingers!

Hopefully this guide helps you with this tricky quest!

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