Disney Dreamlight Valley - Chasing the Wind
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

You've finally found Elsa, but now you're tasked with helping her calm the Wind Spirit, Gale, before you can bring her into Dreamlight Valley. Here's how to complete Elsa's first quest!

Chasing the Wind Quest Walkthrough

Talk to Elsa

She will tell you that Gale, the Wind Spirit, is all riled up. You'll need to craft Wind Chimes to help it calm down again.

Collect materials to make Wind Chimes

The Wind Chimes recipe requires 5 Softwood, 1 Iron Ingot, and 1 Twine, the last of which Elsa will give you.

You will need 15 Softwood, 3 Iron Ingots, and 3 Twine in total, as Elsa needs three Wind Chimes!

How to find Softwood

To find Softwood, head to anywhere with trees, and pick up the small pile of twigs underneath it. Make sure you're getting Softwood, not Hardwood, Dry Wood, or Dark Wood! Softwood is easiest to find in the Peaceful Meadow and the Plaza.

How to get Iron Ingots

To get Iron Ingots, you'll first need to mine Iron Ore. You can find this from mining rocks in The Glade of Trust, the Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights, the Forest of Valor, or the Forgotten Lands. It's easiest to find it in The Glade of Trust and the Forest of Valor, as those are cheapest to unlock, and because all the other locations also have a chance to drop Gold Ore, which will lessen your chances of finding Iron.

You will also need Coal Ore, which can be found by mining anywhere.

When you have enough Iron Ore and Coal Ore (15 Iron Ore, 3 Coal Ore total), head to a crafting station to make the three Iron Ingots you need for this quest!

How to make Wind Chimes

At a crafting station, go to the "Functional Items" tab to find the Wind Chimes — they'll have Elsa's face above them to indicate that it's part of her quest. Make sure you craft three Wind Chimes!

Now, return to the Frozen realm by fast travelling and talk to Elsa again!

Where to place the Wind Chimes

Head to the birch glade where you spoke to Elsa, and there will be three glittering spots on the trees around her. Interact with these to hang them up, and Gale will be calmed.

Talk to Elsa

She'll thank you for your help, and completing this quest will allow you to welcome Anna into your Dreamlight Valley village. Nice work!

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