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Forbidden Underground Waterway

So, you’re going after the true ending. If you’ve followed this guide closely, you’ll have already defeated the Bloodless boss and received the Blood Steal shard. With this equipped, head to the fountain covered in blood in the Entrance section of the castle.


Stand in the blood bath and use Blood Seal. This will allow you to absorb all of the blood and reveal a new entrance into the Forbidden Underground Waterway. Drop down through this new entrance and continue down. Eventually, you’ll reach the bottom. Go left through a door to officially get into the Forbidden Underground Waterway.

You’re going to need to grind an enemy down below called a Deeseama demon. To get to it, proceed left a few screens until you see an Archdemon. Drop below to the area under this Archdemon. Below, you’ll find a bookcase to inspect that will teach you the Penetrate technique and a Save Room to the left.

Exit the Save Room, then go down and through the left exit. From here, continue down. Feel free to explore the reaches of this area to pick up new ingredients and more.

When you reach the bottom, go right into a new passageway. Continue right until you can drop down. Drop down and you’ll land in water that you can float on. Head over to the right and you should spot the Deeseama Demon swimming in the water.

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Kill it over and over (by exiting and entering the room to make it respawn) until you get the Aqua Stream Shard.

Once you’ve obtained this, continue right from the area you killed the Deeseama in to find a passageway that leads to a stained glass portal room.

From here, make your way back to the last Save Room we found in this guide and save there. From this Save Room, go down and right to enter a new room. Follow this room all the way to the right until you exit into another room. Continue right from here into another room. Keep going right. Go right into another room once more. In this room, go down and through the left exit to find another Save Room.


Exit the Save Room. Jump up to the exit on the right. Go down and use Aqua Stream to propel you underwater so you can take the exit on the bottom right. Continue down and then go through another exit on the right.

This next room is filled with dangerous spikes so be sure not to hit them while swimming. Continue right into another room filled with dangerous spikes. Go to the right into a new room and from here, go down into a new room. Walk to the right and you should spot a door.

This door takes you to the Hidden Desert area.

Your map should look like this after completing the Forbidden Underground Waterway:


Hidden Desert


When you enter the Hidden Desert, immediately drop down and go for the first exit on the right. You’ll be in a room with sinking sand. Just sprint to the other side. In the next room, hop over to the right to find a room with a stained glass portal in it. Leave this room. Go down and take the first exit on the right you come across. Continue down and take the exit on the right.

In this next room, climb up and to the left until you see a door you can go through. Head inside for a Save Room.


Exit the Save Room and go through the exit on the right. You should see a life. Take it up one floor. Exit and go through the door to find a blue chest. Return to the lift and take it up another floor. You’ll see a blue magical seal blocking the way. Take the lift up one more floor and exit to the right. You’ll run into Alfred here.

Boss Fight: Alfred


Alfred is a pretty straight-forward boss fight. He’ll use four different attacks.

The first attack is an ice shard attack that drops four large shards of ice onto the ground. Dodge these by simply not being under them. He has another ice attack where he’ll throw a potion onto the ground which creates an icy section of ground that constantly damages you. Jump over this section of ground.

Occasionally, Alfred will throw poison onto the ground. Don’t step on it or you’ll be poisoned. The other move to watch out for is a spell he casts that places three portal-looking circles onto the ground. Avoid these as stepping in them will cast Slow on you.

Basically, just stay as close to Alfred as you can and be constantly attacking when you’re not dodging his spells. After you defeat him, head back to the lift and go to the second floor that was previously sealed.


Head to the Hidden Desert stained glass portal and teleport to the Forbidden Underground Waterway portal. Head left from here and go back to the area where you killed the Deeseama earlier.

Use Aqua Stream to propel yourself into the water and head left for an exit that leads to a room with one demon in it and a seemingly impossible gap that you just get through.

Earlier, getting through this gap would not have been possible but now that you’ve got Deep Sinker, it is. Use Reflector Ray to clear this gap and follow the path left into a new room. In this room head, for the upper left corner.

Secret Sorcery Lab


You’re now in the Secret Sorcery Lab.

This is what your map should look like after completing the boss fight with Alfred and making your way to the Secret Sorcery Lab:


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