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Proceed left into another room and then continue left through there to reach another room. Continue going left until you reach another room.

In the upper left corner is another stained glass portal room. Below it is an entrance into a new room. In this room, there is an exit to the right that will take you to a Save Room.


Save and exit. Proceed left into a new room where you’ll find a boss.

Boss Fight: Doppelganger


The Doppelganger has just a few moves but each hit extremely hard. The first move to look out for is her flamethrower. Simply run to the edge of the screen when she does this. After it’s over, run up and attack her. After a few hits, dash away because next, she’ll either use her own dash attack, a slashing attack or a projectile that travels the distance of the ground. Hop over this one.

The final move to look out for is a dragon that she summons. You’ll see her throw her hands back before calling the dragon out. When this happens, either jump behind her or get as far away from the front of her as you can.

Eventually, you’ll bring your Doppelganger down. Following that, you can proceed through the rest of the Secret Sorcery Lab.

Secret Sorcery Lab

Exit out of the boss room through the door on the left. Go up and through the exit on the right. In this room, double jump through the miniature obstacle course of spiked walls to find a green chest with a Spiked Breastplate inside.

Exit out the left and head down to the floor below. Go right and you’ll be in a room with guillotines and swinging axe heads. Dodge them as best as you can, taking out any demons you come across and head right. If you divert down, there’s a blue chest with 500 gold in it. Otherwise, continue right and through the door into the next room. In here, go down and on the left is a room with a giant cat demon and a blue chest. Just below that room is another room. Enter it and you’ll be in the next area of the game.

This is what your map should look like at the end of the Secret Sorcery Lab.


Inferno Cave


In the first room of the Inferno Cave, head to the very bottom and exit through the right. In the next room, there’s an entire slew of demons waiting for you and the added hazard of lava below. Feel free to fight these demons and explore the upper area of this room for two blue chests, but we recommend racing to the exit on the right to conserve health.

In the next room is a flaming dog and a Dragon demon. There’s also a blue chest you can attempt to grab, but expect to lose some health in the process. When you’re ready, proceed right into the next room.

In this room, stick to the bottom area and go through the exit on the right. In this next room, hop up to the left and proceed right on the upper ledges. This will lead into a room that you should quickly make your way down to the floor in less you want to be bombarded with at least four demons that will take your HP down quick. Go right into the next room via the bottom right corner exit. In here, quickly jump across to the exit on the right and walk inside to a new Save Room.


Save and then exit the Save Room. Drop down and go left to find a bookcase you can inspect for some backstory. Continue left to discover the Inferno Cave stained glass portal room. Exit this room and go through the exit on the right to find a boss door.

This is what your map should look like at the end of Inferno Cave.

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Boss Fight: Orobas


Orobas is a straightforward boss fight with just a handful of moves. The first move to look out for is what we’ll call his purple back move. His back will light up purple either while he’s on the ground on the ceiling. In a few moments, four spouts on his back will shoot purple flames at you. He’ll also begin walking in your direction in an attempt to hit you multiple times. After this, he’ll likely toss out two purple projectiles that can inflict over 100 hp if those hit so either jump over them or duck beneath them.

The final move to look out for is a simple slam attack. Orobas will jump up and attempt to slam into you on the ground. As long as you attack him in between each of his attacks, he’ll go down rather quickly, leaving behind the Invert Shard for you.

With Orobas down, it’s time to put that Invert Shard to good use. Head to the nearest portal and teleport to the portal in the Towers of Twin Dragons. Feel free to explore reaches of surrounding areas to find money, ingredients and more using your new Invert Shard. When you’re ready to proceed onwards to the game’s true ending, continue.

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