The Best Nintendo Switch Carrying Cases
Image: Nintendo Life

If you fork out for a Nintendo Switch and a few games, you probably won't be very comfortable just dumping it in your bag. The Switch isn't particularly flimsy, but even the strongest devices break without the appropriate care. However, if you're thinking 'How do I keep my Nintendo Switch safe?', there is a solution: get yourself a nice Switch case.

We've put together a bunch of the best Nintendo Switch cases to suit every need and budget. Our options include the best deals on slim Switch cases, messenger bags, and everything in between.

Of course, there are a plethora of accessories available for your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite, from wired and wireless headsets to a wide range of different Switch controllers, so make sure you've got the kit you need and deck your Switch out with some nice extras. Alternatively, there are also extra goodies available for Switch Lite, too. Choices, choices!

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Nintendo Switch Carry Cases - Best Deals

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a case for Nintendo Switch?

You don't need a case, but we would recommend getting one. That is unless you don't plan on playing away from your TV at any point.

If you're not playing in handheld mode, a case may well be surplus to your requirements! For anybody taking their Switch on adventures, though, A Switch case is definitely worth it to help protect it from the elements with a carry case.

What is the best case for the Nintendo Switch/OLED?

In all honesty, the vast majority of Switch cases are all much of a muchness. If you see one with a design that appeals, and you like the look and feel of it in the shop, you're probably going to be happy with it. Nearly all of the officially licensed ones are very similar in both form and function.

We've reviewed several Switch cases over the years, and we are partial to WaterField Design's output, personally. They are, however, on the expensive side. tomtoc's range of Switch cases makes for a more affordable alternative.

Do you need a new case for a Nintendo Switch OLED? Do all Switch cases fit OLED?

We'd say that most Switch cases also fit Switch OLED, as their overall dimensions are very similar. It's not like the situation with Switch grips, which are made with a much tighter and more precise fit and generally aren't compatible with all models. With the vast majority of soft-lined pouches and carry cases, though, you should be fine.

However, we wouldn't say that all Switch cases will definitely fit Switch OLED. Check on the packaging of the case you're interested in for 'Compatible with Switch OLED' or similar to be 100% sure.

Do you have a favourite case we've missed? Feel free to link to it below and tell us all about it!