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A quick look at any gaming retailer's website will present you with countless options for your console carrying needs these days, and picking the right case for your particular budget can be a little complicated. Last year we checked out tomtoc's range of cases for the original Nintendo Switch and came away very impressed, so we thought we'd take a look at the company's latest offering for the Switch Lite.

Three cases have been released, all of which are essentially the same as tomtoc's original 'Slim' design. You can grab one in one of three colours - Grey, Yellow or Turquoise just like the launch model Switch Lite systems - and all three are identical other than the colour.

Nintendo Life tomtoc© Nintendo Life

As you'd hope for, these cases hold your Switch Lite nice and snug no matter how much it gets knocked about - we even risked our very own system by vigorously shaking the thing up and down and putting a significant amount of weight on it, which luckily did nothing to our beloved machine. Inside you'll also find a little flap which doubles up as a nice screen protector and a way to store eight physical cartridges.

Perhaps our favourite feature of the cases, though, and the one which pretty much guaranteed the fact that we were always going to be fond of these new releases, is the way in which they're moulded to suit the delicate buttons and sticks on the front of the console. Your control sticks, face buttons and triggers are all protected by small indents and raised bumps, meaning that any heavy objects which happen to be placed on top won't have any effect. Lovely.

So what about the price point? Well, at the time of writing, you can pick up either of the three designs for just £13.59 / $18.99, which makes the tomtoc range one of the best in the budget class of cases. You can find out more on tomtoc's official website.

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Thanks to tomtoc for supplying the cases featured in this review.