Bayonetta 3 - Old Picture Book
Image: Nintendo Life

Hello there and welcome to our Bayonetta 3 guide where we'll be walking you through every chapter in the game as well as showing you the locations of every collectible, including Umbran Tears of Blood, Figure Boxes, Echoes of Memory, Card Packs, Records, Verses and Treasure Chests.

In this particular guide, we're going to be taking a look at Bayonetta 3's Old Picture Book collectible, where to get your hands on it, and how to open it in order to access the game's cool secret chapter. Let's get stuck in!


Bayonetta 3: Old Picture Book Guide - How To Unlock Old Picture Book, Access The Secret Chapter

Where To Find the Old Picture Book

You can buy the Old Picture Book from Rodin at the Gates of Hell for 4100 Halos. Just head to the shop and into the Rodin's Treasures section to grab this mysterious tome, which requires three keys to open.

Bayonetta 3 - Old Picture Book
Image: Nintendo Life

Where To Find the 3 Keys Required to Open the Old Picture Book

In order to open the Old Picture Book, you're gonna need to get busy grabbing three different coloured keys that are hidden in three different Ginnungagap, The Chaotic Rift sections of the game. These sections are as follows;

Key #1

Chapter 1 - Verse 4

This 1st key is easy to grab. Jump into Chapter 1 and head for the second stage which takes place in the Chaotic Rift. Once here, walk forward a short distance from the starting point and you'll activate Verse #4. Blast through this short battle and then jump to the small platform straight in front of you - the one with the glowing flowers on it, as shown below - then turn to your left and you'll see the blue key shining and rotating in the distance. Simply hop over and nab it, and we're one down!

Key #2

Chapter 2 - Verse 1

The 2nd key is in Chapter 4, Verse #1, which again takes places in the Chaotic Rift. This time we need to head straight on from the start of the area and make it to the point you can see below, where we can see the glow of the exit portal ahead. Now turn right around and look up. The Lotus Field area of the rift is up here - you'll need to get up to it in order to earn one of the Bewitchments for this chapter - and heading up here now, once you've beaten the game, will see you nab a green key for the Old Picture Book.

A tip for getting up to the Lotus Field, if you're having issues, is to use the large glowing structure we've pictured below, hop up to the highest point of this structure with your G-Pillar weapon active, once at the highest point, jump and hold in the button in order to activate your boost jump in demon form to zip over to the ledge of the Lotus field. It may take a few tries but you'll get there eventually!

Key #3

Chapter 13 - Verse 1

The 3rd key is located in Chapter 13, Verse #1 and this time we're in a race across the level as the ground falls from beneath us.

During this section, make your way across the falling platforms until you come to the solid area with the Treasure Chest that we've pictured below. This section of ground is stable and won't fall. Head up around the spiral path to the top here and then look out ahead to the platforms in front of you.

What we need to do now is jump to the first two platforms you can see ahead of you and then quickly jump back to the solid ground of the spiral area. This will cause both of the platforms ahead of you to crack up and fall away, revealing a glowing red key, the final key for the Old Picture Book. You can go ahead and jump over and grab it, feeling free to fall as you do because you'll keep the key regardless. And that's it, we've got all three secret keys.

How To Open The Old Picture Book & Access The Secret Chapter

As you collect all three keys, the book will automatically open the corresponding locks until all three are done. Once you've achieved this, you'll get a prompt to travel to the game's secret chapter, as shown below.

We won't post any pics of the secret chapter here, we wouldn't want to spoil it, so enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Let us know if this guide was helpful below, and be sure to check out our Bayonetta 3 guides for more information.