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  • US 2nd Aug 2010, 500 points


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    Oh deer

    Deer Captor is a blast from the past, a lazy rehash of a genre over two decades old that lets you blast stuff. The game doesn't look or feel particularly bad upfront - it has decent graphics, clean presentation and well functioning motion controls - but playing it is simply a bore, like you've been sold some watered-down version of those...

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About The Game

Deer Captor is a shooting game that offers an immersive hunting experience.

Choosing from a rifle or crossbow, players can put their marksman skills to the test as they try to capture a variety of wildlife such as deer, hares and kites in the comfort of their living rooms. Aim for a high score in Instant Mode, where the objective is to capture as many animals as possible within a set time, or test your mettle in Mission Mode, where you must complete a series of objectives to advance to the pinnacle of the hunting world. Play against your friends and family in friendly competition, or post your single-player score to online leaderboards for nationwide bragging rights. (A broadband Internet connection is required for online play.)