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Gray Fin Studios
Gray Fin Studios


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User Ratings: 3

Our Review: 8/10


Number of Players
Action, Adventure
Release Date

Wii U eShop

  • 26th May 2016, $9.99
  • 23rd Jun 2016, £8.99

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  • Review Dual Core (Wii U eShop)

    What a blast

    In a derelict space station on Europa - one of Jupiter's moons - two AIs have activated, unaware of what has happened inside. Over the course of their journey they discover it has been overrun with aliens and rampaging machines. The two AIs have to make their way out of the space station alive and find out about what happened in the...

About The Game

A vibrant, futuristic, twin-stick style shooter.

It's 2147 and the human colony on Europa has suffered a terrible fate. Rebooting after hibernation, two super-intelligent AI cores awake to find themselves installed within a couple of old security drones. Their attempts to uncover what occurred may end up becoming a lower priority than merely surviving...

  • Lots of robots, lots of lasers, lots of aliens, lots of explosions! Retro arcade influences are front and center, but spiced up with a colorful modern style, a generous helping of sci-fi intrigue, and a dash of RPG ELEMENTS!
  • Don't fight alone! Up to 4 players can battle together, but you'll always have your trusty (AI-controlled) robo-buddies by your side.
  • In Story mode, battle through the labyrinth-like colony as you attempt to shed light on the calamity that has ocurred.
  • Hone your skills in the arena-style Arcade mode. Battle wave after endless wave of the alien horde.
  • Versus mode pits you against up to 3 friends.