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About The Game

Acro Storm is a high speed sci-fi racer where every and just about anything goes on the track. Whether by sheer skill, superior weaponry, or just plain luck, race your way to victory!

  • High Speed Futuristic Racing! - Speeds are blistering in this racing tournament, and it'll take all your skill, a lot of your weapons, and a bit of luck to make it through!
  • Amazing Tracks! - From the deepest pits of far off jungle planets to the endless expanse of space, Acro Storm takes you everywhere and anywhere in between through 16 incredible tracks!
  • Skillful Combat! - Think you can just fire and forget? Think again! Spin to reflect and redirect projectiles! Your enemies won't know what hit them- and think twice before trying to hit YOU!
  • Individual Story Modes! - Everyone has a story. Everyone has a reason for doing what they do. Why are these riders here right now? Simply for the thrill of racing? For the money? For something else? Find out, as each of our 12 characters has races and viewpoints unique to them!
  • Bike Customization - Thinking that your ride isn't up to snuff? You can mix and match certain body parts, depending on the type of bike you have! Give your bike some extra kick with a new engine, or maybe improve its handling with a new headframe! The choices are yours!
  • Online Multiplayer - We're hoping to have a robust network of online features- more to come on this later!
  • Track Editing - Want to make your dream course? Something to really test your mettle that only you know how? We plan on having a track editor as well that will allow you to create your own custom courses!