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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


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  • Feature Five Star Wars Games, on Nintendo, That Are Strong in the Force

    Pew pew pew

    Unless you live on a desert planet and/or an internet free zone, you may be vaguely aware that Star Wars stuff is happening, something about an awakening Force. This writer's only pretending to play it cool, though, as in reality he's gorging on trailers for the new movie, listening to soundtracks and generally having a constant...


  • News First Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Details

    An elegant videogame from a more civilized age

    The first gameplay details of Lucasarts’ forthcoming Star Wars title The Force Unleashed have started to trickle in after the 2008 CES, and we have to admit it’s sounding pretty bloomin’ special. Opposable Thumbs had this to report: "Every time you hit that face button, we want you to feel...

  • News Feel The Force With New Lightsaber Holsters

    The legal team of Lucasarts may have something to say about these

    Cheap plastic holsters for your Wiimote are nothing new and third party peripheral manufacturers are practically falling over themselves to produce even more outlandish (and ultimately pointless) pieces of ‘controller clothing’. However, one item that did impress us in a...


  • News Feel The Force Of Your Wii Remote

    Lucasarts have announced that anticipated lightsabre/Wii remote wielding action title Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will be landing on the Wii next spring.

    The Wii Remote will become your lightsabre while the nunchuck extension can be used to attack others with various "Force" related powers. For all those statistics nerds out there the game is set...