Monopoly Streets

Monopoly Streets (Wii)


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User Ratings: 10

Our Review: 6/10


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Board Game
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  • US 26th Oct 2010
  • EU 5th Nov 2010

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Monopoly Streets Screenshot
Monopoly Streets Screenshot
Monopoly Streets Screenshot
Monopoly Streets Screenshot
Monopoly Streets Screenshot
Monopoly Streets Screenshot


  • Review Monopoly Streets (Wii)

    Does it pass Go or should it go directly to jail?

    Ah, Monopoly, the classic board game we all know and love, where you attempt to become the dominant force across the market and can become a rich tycoon living the high life in Mayfair or end up in the dumps of Old Kent Road. Starting back in 1903, it has since become one of the most successful board...

About The Game

The planet's favourite board game evolves once again, as the world of Monopoly becomes a fully interactive adventure on your home console.

Created to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the original Monopoly, this official adaption retains all the classic gameplay but adds amazing new visuals and features.

Mr Monopoly celebrates his 75th birthday in style
Play as your Mii on the Wii
Passing Go is just as important as it's always been
Tour the familiar game board from a new perspective
You can watch the city grow and expand as you play, with new homes and hotels rising up around you. Everything is owned by you and your fellow players, as you compete either offline on the same console or online against anyone in the world.

There are new extras too, to expand the game's fun, including property auction mini-games and many different boards including real-world locations and new fictional playgrounds. Combining the best of a decades-old family favourite with the latest in video game technology, you no longer have to wait until after the Christmas turkey to visit the streets of Monopoly.