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  • US 29th Oct 2007
  • EU 28th Mar 2008
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  • Review Manhunt 2 (Wii)

    We know you've heard of it, we know what people think of it - but most of them haven't played it, we have.

    Manhunt 2, released in the UK exactly one year after the original US release. The infamous game has made headlines everywhere and is often used as a tool for politicians to empower censorship concerns. We thought it only fair to review this...

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Manhunt 2 News

  • Feature The Complete History of Rockstar Games on Nintendo Platforms

    The good, the bad & the controversial

    Rockstar Games is a business powerhouse at the top of the gaming industry. Producing sales figures some developers could only dream of, with the Grand Theft Auto series reaching over 150 million copies sold, the studio rarely puts a foot wrong. On 7th September it was announced that 1940’s crime title...

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    • Wii
  • News Manhunt 2 finally breaks free this Halloween

    Rockstar finally get their way, Halloween cometh, Manhunt 2 releaseth. The illusive game goes on sale Oct 31st across the UK.

    UK gamers will finally be able to buy Manhunt 2 for Playstation 2, PSP, and Wii on 31 October. Originally released in the US over a year ago, the game was refused a certificate by the British Board of Film Certification in...

  • News Manhunting Manhunt 2

    Would you believe that almost a month since the game passed rating standards and was released - people are still campaigning against Manhunt 2. Just enough publicity the game needs to give it a sharp boost in the sales department.

    A group of four US senators consisting of Joe Lieberman, Sam Brownback, Evan Bayh and Hillary Clinton have called for...

  • News Manhunt 2 Slammed By Press

    The game that's causing the most "controversy" is a super violent Wii game, who'd of thought!

    Even though some people may consider Manhunt 2 to be only a game, it unfortunately perpetuates and reinforces cruel, inaccurate perceptions that people who live with mental illness are violent," blasted Mike Fitzpatrick, executive director of NAMI. Fair...

  • News Manhunt 2 Gets US Release

    Take Two have secured a "M" rating from the ESRB which allows them to release Manhunt 2 on both Wii and PS2 this coming Halloween.

    The saga ends with, in my opinion, the correct outcome. The game will be released, but it has been "modified" to suit the bigwigs at ESRB. It could be a victory for freedom of speech or a victory for censorship.. you...

  • News Manhunt 2 Saga Continues

    After getting an "Adult Only" rating in the US, neither Nintendo or Sony are prepared to release the game.

    This week we saw that Manhunt 2 was rejected any classification in the UK, now the game has been rated in the US its left the publisher alittle miffed as both Nintendo and Sony have stated they won't release games with an "Adult Only" rating,...

  • News Manhunt 2 Rejected By BBFC

    British Board of Film Classifications have spoken, Manhunt 2 is too violent for you, you can't play it, shame on you for even thinking it.

    As announced by the BBFC today Manhunt 2 has been rejected classification meaning it is ineligible for release in its current form. The director of the BBFC, David Cooke, has issued the following statement trying...

  • News Wii: Your Personal Murder Training Device

    American comedian Jack Thompson has done it again, apparently the Wii acts as a training device that might prepare us for committing an offence.

    "Florida retailers are scheduled to sell a very violent video game called Manhunt 2 which will be available, remarkably, for “play” on the kids-friendly Nintendo Wii gaming platform. The Wii device does...

  • News Rockstar Games Announce Manhunt 2 For Wii

    In what comes as a pleasant (if slightly twisted and gruesome) surprise, Rockstar have confirmed Manhunt 2 will be released on the Wii.

    The announcement, which was made earlier today, also points out that the Wii version of the game will get some special treatment from the team at Rockstar Toronto. This must mean that some motion sensitivity will be...

About The Game

Manhunt 2 is the debut title from the newly formed Rockstar London studio, which is developing the game in conjunction with series creator Rockstar North. The Wii™ version is being developed by Rockstar Toronto. Manhunt 2 will be available this summer.

"With Manhunt 2 we have tried to create a game that stays close to the original concept of chilling suspense and stealth, whilst pushing the game design and storytelling forward," said Sam Houser, founder and executive producer of Rockstar Games. "We are also excited to have our newest development team, Rockstar London, working on the title alongside our two established UK studios, Rockstar North and Leeds."