Tiny Thor

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Asylum Square Interactive


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Number of Players
Single Player
Action, Adventure, Arcade
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  • US Q2 2023
  • EU Q2 2023


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About The Game

Tiny Thor is a platformer with a 16-bit aesthetic and fresh gameplay. Central to the game design and in the grip of the protagonist is Mjölnir, the legendary hammer. It can be freely aimed and bounces off of surfaces and enemies, enabling all kinds of trick shots.

The game has been carefully designed around this premise: Hit enemies in their weak spots, trigger that switch behind the corner or jam it between a wall and the boss for consecutive hits, while you dodge its attacks.

The combat takes turns with platforming, sometimes tight and precise, sometimes loose and flowing, and is regularly escalated into exhilarating boss battles, which will test your mettle.

Some light physics puzzles which utilize the unique mechanics of our second, bouncy protagonist round off the experience.

All of this happens within a meticulously crafted and beautifully rendered world that holds many surprises, secrets and wonders waiting for you.

Key Features

  • 16-Bit pixel art by the legendary Henk Nieborg
  • Pumpin’ soundtrack by the equally legendary Chris Hülsbeck
  • Master the ricocheting hammer throws to overwhelm enemies
  • Learn awesome special capabilities and weapon upgrades
  • Explore over 30 handcrafted levels across three distinct worlds
  • Challenging boss fights, each with unique mechanics
  • Pick your brain to solve environmental puzzles
  • Discover lots of secrets and collect the hidden gems to unlock challenge levels
  • A small story about a boy taking responsibility