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Action, Arcade, Party
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  • US 11th Oct 2019, $5.99
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About The Game

Shipped is an adorable party game where up to 8 players compete in sea skirmishes. Choose your favorite girl and navigate the sea. Your ship can’t break, so first learn how to maneuver. With simple controls, it’s easy to start but hard to master.

To win, you must push your opponents to crash on land or out of the screen. Or just shoot them. To do that, grab ammo crates. If you’re out of cannonballs, use your cannon and blow air to push enemies or deflect incoming fire. Remember to keep up with the movement of the camera - if your ship goes off-screen, it will instantly explode!

With five different modes, you’ll never get bored playing Shipped. If you’re short on friends to play, you can always add AI-controlled players or try the challenging single-player arcade mode.

Features: - Local multiplayer for 2-8 players.

- Arcade single-player mode or AI-controlled players for solo play.

- Five different game modes: Cruise, Chase, Race, Yincana, Sumo.

- Fun and straightforward mechanics.

- Lovely characters, colorful graphics, and a pleasant soundtrack.

- Over 95% positive reviews from PC players!