Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
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  • US 25th Dec 2019, $1.99
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About The Game

It’s time for the flock to come back to the barn. Problem is, the path is full of dangerous traps: lakes, dense forests, cliffs, etc… As a sheepdog, it’s your job to guide the flock and make sure it comes back safely.

Draw a line with controllers or the touch screen to trace a path and push the sheep in one direction. Make sure to avoid obstacles so that no sheep gets lost. As a guardian dog, it’s also your duty to make sure no member of the herd gets left behind.

The entire flock is depending on you and your skills. As you keep protecting the sheep, they also go further and further to graze...and the way back home gets longer and longer. But a sheepdog never gives up, so make sure to keep the flock in line.


- 45 levels with increasing difficulty.

- Simple and addictive gameplay.

- Colourful and adorable graphics.

- New dogs to unlock.

- Play with controllers or the touch screen.