Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
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  • US 2024
  • EU 2024


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About The Game

Over a hundred years have passed since the virulent Grey Plague swept the continent, leaving blighting ruin in its wake. Today, it has mutated nearly all habitants into mindless chimeras that exist only to spread infection to the few lucky survivors among the dwindling fortresses that make up the human stronghold. For one of those survivors, their luck has run out. This afflicted individual must find a cure or succumb to the virus.

Set off on a harrowing journey beyond the garrison walls to find treatment. While the infection takes a turn for the worse, turn the symptoms into strengths to gain an upper hand in combat. Slaughter hordes of chimeras, mutants, elementals, gargoyles, golems, and more using a powerful variety of muskets with alchemical upgrades and elemental ammo.

Time perfect assaults and shock enemies with lightning rounds or freeze them in their tracks with ice bullets. Collect alchemical elements and master the mysteries of medieval science and hermetics. Brew powerful injections, amalgams, and potions to take the field against maddened monsters. Last until the cure is revealed.