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Number of Players
Single Player
Action, Adventure, Platformer, Shooter
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  • 15th Oct 2020, £3.79
  • 27th Nov 2020, $4.99
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About The Game

In this game, your main goal is to help Johnny Rocket fight “Evil Forces.” To do that, you can run, jump, double jump, shoot enemies. Don’t forget about Johnny's secret movement - destroy obstacles or enemies with his head All levels are unique and have a big variety of enemies. Boss fights are tough. After each boss fight you get rewarded with a comic cartoon movie telling you more about Johnny's adventure. Game is hilarious and has a lot of toilet humour, don't forget to collect the paper!

Johnny Rocket gameplay is made of action platforming, stylised as a free-hand black and white cartoon. Cartoon world feels alive and you can destroy buildings. You get to see a funny cartoon cut scene in between levels!