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User Ratings: 35

Our Review: 8/10


Number of Players
Single Player
Adventure, RPG, Strategy
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Switch eShop

  • 8th Mar 2018, $36.90
  • 8th Mar 2018, £22.49
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Xbox One

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    While the ‘J’ in ‘JRPG’ ostensibly stands for 'Japanese', it refers to a style of role-playing game rather than country of origin; strong, often linear stories and turn-based combat are the calling cards of the genre, and Western-made games such as Child Of Light and Cosmic Star Heroine follow its conventions just as much as...

About The Game

EARTHLOCK is an adventure RPG inspired by the classic 3D RPGs of the late 90's, with a fresh take on turn based combat and character progression.

Enter a beautiful world haunted by its fateful past and join a party of unlikely heroes on their journey to rescue Amon's uncle from an ancient cult and uncover the secret of EARTHLOCK.

  • Explore the magical world of Umbra.
  • Fast-paced and highly strategic turn-based battles.
  • Harvest magical materials to craft helpful items and perks on your home island.
  • Utilize Your Talent Table: combining a classic 'skilltree' and equipment to customize your character's progression.
  • Alternate between 6 playable characters.
  • Grow your friendships between different character pairs for a strategic advantage in combat.
  • Help the people of Umbra along they way to unlock more useful items.