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  • EU 28th Dec 2020
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Comic Coloring Book News

About The Game

Cool characters, friendly colors, and funny stories will bring real fun to every kid.

Comic Coloring Book brings this great and useful experience to Nintendo Switch.

Heroes you will like

In this coloring book, we follow the adventures of siblings who found unusual toys during one of their games: a robot and an alpacorn. Together they’ll experience unforgettable moments, both in the comfort of their own home and among fantastic landscapes such as the cosmos and the land of sweets.

Engaging stories

The coloring book is filled with surprising stories, and each of them consists of 4 unique drawings. Thanks to this, children not only have fun coloring but also discover new adventures and learn about friendship, joy sharing, and helping each other.

Beautiful graphics

The drawings were created by an artist with many years of experience in making illustrations for children. Energetic characters, friendly style, and creative landscapes will make everyone smile.

3 free stories

You can already discover how it all started, play in space with the robot or check how the princess from the faraway kingdom and her favorite alpacorn are spending their free time. Just open the coloring book!

Ideal for the creative ones

Coloring books help children express their feelings and develop their creativity. To best support them in this, the Comic Coloring Book includes many coloring tools—from crayons to comic book stickers. You can also unlock the additional mode to creating your own stories.

And for those who like to share

Each picture can be saved and showed to friends, family, or the whole world.

Start your adventures today!


  • Friendly graphics
  • Funny stories
  • For children
  • Stickers!
  • 3 free stories