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  • US 4th Nov 2021, $9.99
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Play Captain Backwater today and get ready for one of the greatest pirate puzzle adventures of all time. Meet Captain Backwater, the 'scariest' pirate in the Caribbean, and help him plunder 100 treasure caves. Each cave is a puzzle that demands everything from your logical thinking skills. Move the precious items around to make pairs. Find the right strategy to avoid obstacles or use one of the many magic items. Use the bomb to blow up unpleasant objects or use the sword to remove obstacles that get in your way. Analyze the tricky arrow mazes to find all the pieces of the cursed amulet and become the most feared pirate of the Caribbean. Are you clever enough to find all the treasures? (Testimonials) "You'll find Captain Backwater a rather charming, straightforward puzzle game." (Avault) "I recommend it to gamers looking for something new for their puzzle collections, parents who want to get their kids hooked on the puzzling games they love, and anyone who appreciates a good, piratey "YAAAARRR!"" (Brutal Gamer) "Never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game." (Guybrush Threepwood)