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  • 15th Apr 2022 (UK/EU/AU), £3.50
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About The Game

Experience the beauty of Ukraine as it was and as it one day will be again.Turn breathtaking photos and videos into interactive puzzles to relax and unwind to, all in support of a valuable cause.

From the Odesa Opera and Ballet Theater to the majestic Carpethaen mountains. The historic and pristine city of Lviv to the grandeur of the capital Kyiv, and more.

Ukraine always has and will have a soul and character that is theirs alone. The country has become a global symbol and inspiration under such terrible circumstances so we hope to show you another side of the country that also deserves to be shown and championed.

We realize that some places portrayed here by now have been heavily damaged or completely destroyed, which saddens us deeply. However, we wanted to show you Ukraine as we knew it and with hope, how we will one day be able to see it again.