Number of Players
Release Date

Super Nintendo

  • JP 12th Aug 1994
  • US 1st Jul 1995
  • EU 30th Oct 1996

Wii (Wii Shop)

  • US 31st May 2010, 800 points
  • EU 13th Aug 2010, 800 points

Wii U eShop

  • US 18th Sep 2014, $7.99
  • EU 20th Nov 2014, £5.49


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    True Bit

    The Wild West is a fantastic setting for a video game. Rugged gunslingers, drunken shootouts, limited presence of the law and a surplus of criminals lend to a volatile and rowdy backdrop for a tense, controller-gripping time. In the case of Wild Guns it takes the Steampunk route, injecting hostile machinery and advanced weaponry into the...

  • Review Wild Guns (Wii Virtual Console / Super Nintendo)

    Wild West or limp at best?

    Whether the game had any influence over the film Wild Wild West is debatable, but what can't be denied is that the two have a similar, inextricable link between cowboys and steampunk. While the traditional steampunk time period might still be Victorian England in the late 19th Century, the setting for both is somewhat...

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Wild Guns Screenshot
Wild Guns Screenshot
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Wild Guns Screenshot
Wild Guns Screenshot

Wild Guns News

About The Game

Blast your way through villainous outlaws, diabolical robots and towering, screen-filling bosses either by yourself or with a friend at your side in the Super NES classic, Wild Guns.

You’ll need a sharp eye and quick-on-the-draw reflexes, but fortunately, you’ve got plenty of moves to help you survive the hail of bullets heading your way. You can dive-roll, jump, double jump, rope enemies with a lasso and clear the screen with explosive special attacks. Blast apart just about everything in the environment to find guns, bombs and other hidden power-ups. It’s up to you to bring justice back to town – or whatever’s left of it when the smoke clears.