Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Wii (Wii Shop)

  • US 17th Mar 2008, 800 points
  • EU 14th Mar 2008, 800 points
  • JP 29th Jan 2008, 800 points

Nintendo Switch Online (Subscription)

  • 12th Apr 2024
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  • Review Super R-Type (Virtual Console / Super Nintendo)

    The BYDO Empire is back!

    That naughty Bydo Empire! You would have thought they would have learnt their lesson last time when a solitary R-9 craft kicked their butt so badly. Alas, they are back and wreaking havoc wherever they go. Time for you to save the universe, again! Super R-Type was one of the earlier games released on the Super Nintendo. It...

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Super R-Type Screenshot
Super R-Type Screenshot
Super R-Type Screenshot
Super R-Type Screenshot
Super R-Type Screenshot
Super R-Type Screenshot

Super R-Type News

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    Slowdown, be gone

    The SNES is a legendary console, of that there can be absolutely no doubt. However, it did have one considerable weakness when compared to its main rival, the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis: the clock speed of its CPU. The Ricoh 5A22 which powers the console runs at 3.58 MHz, while Sega's 16-bit system has a Motorola 68000 running at...

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    Limited to 2,900 copies each

    Retro-Bit is doing an excellent job when it comes to keeping the past alive, and has already released a couple of welcome compilations for the NES and SNES. However, the company has really outdone itself with its latest project, which features limited edition versions of Irem's R-Type and Holy Diver, for the SNES and...

  • News Two More Games to Leave EU Virtual Console

    Get them while you can

    After Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was pulled from Virtual Console, two more titles are set to leave the service in Europe this month. Super NES games R-Type III: The Third Lightning and Super R-Type will no longer be available to download after 31st March. It's not the first time this has happened with the venerable shooter...

  • News US VC Releases - March 17th - Super R-Type

    This week’s theme for the North American VC releases is frustration. After getting DoReMi Fantasy last week Nintendo must have been concerned that they had been letting gamers have an easy ride. Not so this week as both of the games on offer this week are devilishly fiendish by comparison!

    Super R-Type on the SNES isn’t such a bad game and is...

  • News EU VC Releases - March 14th - Super R-Type

    With the US releases of Do Re Mi Fantasy and Puyo Puyo 2 last Monday, and both having an OFLC rating already, you'd think that Nintendo of Europe would release them over here as well - Unfortunately, it's not the case this week.

    Prepare for a pretty bad week if you don't like shooters - Then again, it's also not very good even if you do like them...

About The Game

A galactic battle begins. The BYDO Empire of mutant extraterrestrials is back with evil intent and awesome power. Now the evil empire is poised to launch a new attack on Earth. Only the revolutionary R-9, the planet's most advanced form of defense, stands between these monsters and doom.

Fight through seven challenging stages - picking up power-up items as you progress - on the way to each stage's memorable boss. Is the BYDO Empire invincible? You'll need lightning reflexes, intuitive moves and a big dose of cosmic luck to hold your own. Better prepare yourself, because the mutants "R" ready for you.