Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Super Nintendo

  • US Dec 1993
  • JP 18th Nov 1994
  • EU 1994

Wii (Wii Shop)

  • US 15th Oct 2007, 800 points
  • JP 10th Jul 2007, 800 points

Wii U eShop

  • US 7th May 2015, $7.99
Controller Support


  • Review Metal Marines (Wii U eShop / Super Nintendo)

    Modern(ish) warfare

    Strategy is a somewhat niche genre among gamers. While there have been excellent strategy games released on consoles - turn-based RPGs like Fire Emblem to the RTS-style Swords and Soldiers series come to mind - the gameplay has always lent itself more to the PC, where players can be more methodical and control units with relative...

  • Review Metal Marines ( / Super Nintendo)

    Heavy metal

    The Japanese love big robots; you only have to look at series like Gundam, Macross and Patlabor to see this. However they seem to like strategy videogames a lot less, which is what makes Namco's Metal Marines (Militia in Japan) all the more surprising. Released at a time where real time strategy titles were only just beginning to...

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Metal Marines Screenshot
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Metal Marines News

About The Game

Take the battle to Earth as you fight against Zorgeuf's empire!

As the Commander of the allied Colonies, you must defeat the imperial forces in a series of battles. Lead the Metal Marines on intense raids against Zorgeuf and his empire as you build strong defenses, launch devastating missile strikes, and ultimately decide the fate of all nations.

In AD 2115, the Earth is shattered when a battle between nations starts a chain reaction of antimatter explosions. A federal military commander named Zorgeuf declares himself as Emperor and commands his army to take control of Earth during its weak state, and he is looking to expand his kingdom in space. To counter his attack, the space colonies have united to fight against Zorgeuf and his oppressive rule. Embark on 20 missions of serious combat as you build structures of offense, defense, and support. Launch your troops against the opponent, and fight to win a peaceful future for Earth and the allied Colonies!