The Ignition Factor

The Ignition Factor


Super Nintendo


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User Ratings: 27

Our Review: 6/10

The Ignition Factor Reviews

  • Review The Ignition Factor (Wii U eShop / SNES)

    A reality show about the lives of hot and steamy firefighters

    This is the scripted story of six strangers that are picked to become firefighters, work together and have their lives played by a total stranger with a controller. Find out what happens when they stop being polite... and realize their lives aren't real. There was a time in gaming...

  • Review The Ignition Factor (SNES)

    It burns, but it doesn't crash

    Ask anybody to name some firefighting games and you'll be lucky if they name one. Despite the games about the profession generally being quite good, there's not many of them, and they're not very widely known either. The Ignition Factor is one of only two on the SNES, the other one being the more well-known The...