Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest


Super Nintendo
Square Enix


Game Rating

User Ratings: 111

Our Review: 7/10

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest News


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    Hudson and Capcom serve up some more games

    Japan maintains a small lead on the rest of the world next month, by both catching up on two titles that were already released in Europe, and releasing three new games which everybody else will also likely see. There's nothing really surprising here this time! The games Japan will be getting next month are:...



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    More Final Fantasy, robotic boxes, and more

    After two Virtual Console-less weeks, the service returns with a bang with another title from Square Enix. It might not be one of the most fondly remembered games they've made, but the more the merrier! It's accompanied by a few interesting WiiWare and DSiWare titles. WiiWare: Robox (1000pts, Dreambox...

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