Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Super Nintendo

  • US 12th Oct 1993
  • EU Nov 1993

Wii (Wii Shop)

  • US 26th Jul 2010, 800 points
  • EU 23rd Jul 2010, 800 points


  • Review Aero the Acrobat (Virtual Console / Super Nintendo)

    Will you go aerobatty for Aero?

    Everybody into gaming at the time remembers the "cool mascot" craze during the early 90's; Sega was heavily in on it with Sonic and a whole bunch of other companies tried to cash in on it as well. Sunsoft's attempt came in the form of Aero the Acrobat – a bat with attitude who works as an acrobat in the...

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Aero the Acrobat Screenshot
Aero the Acrobat Screenshot
Aero the Acrobat Screenshot
Aero the Acrobat Screenshot

Aero the Acrobat News

About The Game

The madman industrialist Edgar Ektor has seized control of the World of Amusement. He and a deranged cast of fairground freaks threaten the circus. The only hope for survival is the high-flying, death-defying AERO THE ACROBAT!

Spine-tingling terror unfolds as AERO tackles Ektor's wicked henchmen. Bungee jump into a battle with evil! Skydive toward the danger below! Hang on for the ride of your life as you rise and plunge on a roaring roller coaster! Tiptoe across a terrifying tightrope! Then power drill and twist AERO right through every sinister circus enemy imaginable. And all the while, the show must go on!

It could become a carnival of carnage in the World of Amusement. Because the evil Ektor isn't clowning around...and there's nothing amusing about that.