Release Date


  • US Sep 1991


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About The Game

In 1999 a mysterious object crashes into the desert and a mysterious creature, Darc Seed appears. Using magnetic powers, he soon turns the people of the United States into zombies and exerts influence over various weapons and objects. Among the weapons Darc Seed claims is the legendary samurai sword, Shura. When the great head of the samurai, Namakubi hears about this, he sets out for the United States to defeat Darc Seed and reclaim the sword.

Zombie Nation is a side-scrolling shooter in which the player can control Namakubi's movement across the screen and the ability to shoot. The hero's designation as a "great head of the samurai" is to be taken literally: Namakubi is indeed a giant disembodied head. His main weapon is the ability to shoot projectiles from his eyes and bombs from his mouth which he fires at various enemies, objects and buildings. Furthermore, should a zombie hostage fall out a window he can rescue them to slowly power up his attacks. Enemies reduce health by varying amounts; health can be restored by increasing the player's score. The game features four distinct stages with two difficulty settings.