Release Date


  • US Mar 1990


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About The Game

You are Astyanax, a sixteen year old boy that has the same dream night after night: A princess, calling for help. One afternoon, you are summoned to the world of Remnia by Cutie, a pixie, to save the realm's princess. You are the chosen one mentioned by their prophecies!

Astyanax is a side-scrolling platform action game set in a fantasy world. You must save the realm from Blackhorn's evil horde. Along the way you'll find powerups that will make you stronger, and upgrade your weapon; and you can also unleash magical attacks that hit all enemies on the screen. Three magic spells are available: blast (fireball in all directions), bolt (powerful lightning strike), and blind (freeze all enemies on screen). The weapon upgrades that the player can find also determine the power of the spells and how many magic points they will use.