Number of Players
Release Date

Neo Geo

  • US 12th Feb 1991

Wii (Wii Shop)

  • US 25th Apr 2013, 900 points
  • JP 1st Nov 2011, 900 points
  • EU 25th Jul 2013, 900 points

Switch eShop

  • EU 15th Jun 2017, £6.29
  • US 15th Jun 2017, $7.99


  • Review Sengoku (Switch eShop / Neo Geo)

    Hacked off

    Hamster Corp's dedication to mining the back catalogue of the Neo Geo on Switch is commendable, but it does throw up some issues - namely that as time goes on the company is going to have to dig deeper and deeper into the library of the system, and that means having to endure some less-than-classic titles. While we wouldn't say that...

  • Review Sengoku (Wii Virtual Console / Neo Geo)

    An interesting twist on the beat 'em up genre

    Given the popularity of arcade titles like Final Fight and Double Dragon, the beat 'em up genre was a big draw in arcades during the late eighties and early nineties. Hoping to cash in on some of this success, SNK created its own unique take on the genre with Sengoku for its Neo Geo system. While the...

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About The Game

In this side scrolling action game set in Washington City, which was initially released in 1991, the player takes the role of a super warrior who must battle against ghosts from the past bent on taking over the present.

The main feature of this title is the ability to change characters in mid-play. If you release an incarcerated character while fighting against the enemy, that character becomes available for you to use. The key to a successful strategy is adeptly switching among the ninja dog, samurai or ninja according to the situation. You can also pick up items like weapons and orbs that give you magical attacks. Not only is there adventure to be had in the regular world, but also in a parallel universe, where stages change at a hectic pace, with never a dull moment.