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  • US 24th Mar 2008, 800 points
  • JP 19th Feb 2008, 600 points


  • Review Powerball (Virtual Console / Sega Mega Drive)

    Who will be the powerball champ?

    This forgotten futuristic sports game by Namco undoubtedly takes some inspiration from Speedball 2, which was really popular at the time. The basic premise is that Powerball is a futuristic sport that takes the brutal elements of rugby or American football and mixes them with soccer. You can play as eight different...

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  • News US VC Releases - March 24th - King's Knight

    Normally we lead with our favourite game of the week but as the Sega Genesis choice isn’t going to blow you away we’ll lead with Square’s King’s Knight this week just because, you know, um, it was developed by Square. Think of it as a skeleton in Square’s closet! This is no Final Fantasy it has to be said.

    Here at the VC:R we admit we do...

About The Game

Eight different teams representing various nations are vying to become the Powerball champions, and you control one of the eight in your quest for the championship. A hybrid of games like rugby and football,

Powerball is played on a 100-yard field, as you try to score by either carrying the ball into your opponent's end zone or kicking it into your opponent's net for a certain amount of points. This one- or two-player game offers both exhibition and league play.

Jump into a game of Powerball and try a brand-new sport!