Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Master System

  • JP 1st Oct 1988
  • US 1988
  • EU 1988

Wii (Wii Shop)

  • US 2nd Nov 2009, 500 points
  • EU 25th Sep 2009, 500 points
  • JP 19th May 2009, 500 points
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  • Review R-Type (Virtual Console / Master System)

    Blast off and attack the evil Bydo Empire once again in 8-bit!

    While we applaud Sega for bringing some of its most fondly remembered Master System games to the Virtual Console, we can’t help feeling that on this occasion it is a little bit pointless. After all, we’ve had a near arcade perfect port of R-Type on the TurboGrafx-16 since 2006, which...

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About The Game

Note: This game is no longer available on the Wii Shop.

R-TYPE is a classic, side-scrolling arcade shoot-'em-up that was developed by Irem in 1987.

It's the 22nd century, and you are humanity's last hope against the evil Bydo Empire. Your ship is called the R-9a "Arrowhead" and comes with a standard gun, but power-ups and upgrades are available in each mission. Navigate through eight challenging levels that will test even the best gamer's reflexes. The SEGA Master System version features an exclusive secret level not found in any other release.