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  • US 2nd Dec 2001
  • EU 12th Jul 2002
  • JP 27th Dec 2001
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    Perfect powder

    As you curl around a banked corner, the lip of a large ramp of snow appears in the distance and your mind begins to race at the possibilities for gnarliness that lie ahead. Slamming the boost and tucking your body forward, you scorch towards the precisely constructed mound, pre-winding your hands, arms and shoulders for maximum...

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About The Game

Picture yourself returning to the world of SSX, one year later.

Things on the SSX World Circuit have changed a lot in one year. Many of the locales look familiar, but the course designers have been burning the midnight oil during the off season creating all new and insane trick versions of the courses that will allow the riders venues to let in the popular "Showoff" (trick) mode. In addition, track gurus have put in a multitude of new paths and shortcuts, as well as two completely new stops on the SSX World Circuit. New tracks, environments and configurations allow riders to pump up their trick repertoire and introduce an assortment of new "Uber" tricks to be displayed on the unique Showoff (trick) courses as well as on the Circuit. In year one, SSX appeared exclusively on the PlayStation 2. SSX Tricky is raising the stakes, debuting on the Sony Playstation2, Nintendo GAMECUBE and Xbox video game system by Microsoft.

Key Features

  • Utilizing DVD media that creates the opportunity for additional content has inspired a new "DVD-like" 3D front end, as well as exclusive behind the scenes and "making of" footage from voice recording sessions to off the mountain interaction between the riders.
  • All new "Garibaldi" and "Valdez" courses. Garibaldi, located in British Colombia, Canada, appears as a instantly fun "big air" first course, but in reality has even more replay-ability than any of the courses in the original SSX. Set in the Wilds of Alaska, Valdez features near vertical sections of snow that link the multitude of huge cliff drops on what promises to be the scariest, "edge-of- your-board" course yet.
  • The characters are coming to life! Celebrity voice talent for riders including the famed voices of Grammy winner Macy Gray, Lucy Lui (Charlies Angels, Ally McBeal), and David Arquette (Ready To Rumble, Scream), among others. Expanded facial animation and digital diaries for each rider on the World Circuit, as well as detailed background information on each. Riders bring their own attitude and riding style to the table and play a key role on the Circuit.
  • Six all new competitors, as well as six of the eight riders from SSX, make up the circuit. Two of the stars of SSX (Jurgen and Hiro) are sitting out the upcoming season due to serious injuries sustained during the off-season (details to follow in-game).
  • New "Uber" tricks, take airborne tricks to the next level.
  • Unique Showoff (trick) versions of nine courses on the World Circuit.
  • Improved competitive rider AI tightening up each race and making nothing a "sure thing."
  • 2nd generation rider physics providing more "in-air" and "on-snow" user control.
  • Graphic power of the PlayStation 2, Xbox and Gamecube allow the creation of a multitude of visual improvements and unique new cinematic gameplay moments.
  • 60 frames per second for all full screen modes. Also displayed in breathtaking wide screen mode.
  • Supports Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.
  • Great in-game beats provided by new releases and exclusive mixes from the cutting edge world of electronic breaks and beats cut by such turntable D.J. all-stars as Mix Master Mike (Beastie Boys), Aphrodite, The Plump DJ's as well as others.
  • Fresh in-game soundtrack delivering a more interactive and intelligent companion to gameplay. Music and sound effects are woven into the game to create more emotional moments, before, during and after they've occurred.
  • Nettwerk Records will be releasing a soundtrack CD of the music in SSX Tricky.