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  • Random What If Every Tetris Piece Was Long?


    Scientists have been working for years on the question, "what if every Tetris piece was long?" Finally, after decades of research, we have our answer. You see, in a typical Tetris game, the long piece — also known as a Straight, a Line, or, according to this elaborate prank, "Hero" — is the only way you can get a full...

  • News Another Major Piece Of Casting Falls Into Place For The Upcoming Tetris Biopic

    Check out the prosthetics on this

    The upcoming Tetris movie – which charts the fight to win the rights to the video game which would become a cultural phenomenon and help Nintendo launch the Game Boy – is currently in production, and we already know that Golden Globe winner Taron Egerton is taking on the role of Dutch businessman Henk Rogers...

  • Random Hacker Creates The Game Boy Tetris Of Your Dreams

    Lots of easy pieces

    Tetris on the Game Boy is one of the best multiplayer titles of all time, even if it did exist in a period when wireless local play was the stuff of a madman's dreams. Instead, players would have to connect their consoles using the (easily lost) link cable – and it's this primitive method of connectivity that has allowed a...

  • Memory Pak The First Time I Saw The Rocket In Tetris

    Hello, T-spin, my old friend

    This is Memory Pak, where we're going to be doing a deep-dive into some of the most memorable moments in gaming – good and bad. Kate takes a trip around the memory block, exploring a formative memory for many of us: our first time playing Tetris, and our first time actually being good at Tetris. I don't remember...




  • Poll Box Art Brawl: Duel #53 - Tetris

    Block droppin' beats

    Welcome one and all to Box Art Brawl, our weekly vote on a bunch of regional box art variants. It's Round #53 which means we've got a year's worth of brawls under our belts - thank you to all you box art critics and voters out there! This week we're introducing an ever-so-minor tweak to the format which will accompany the...

  • Rumour Rocketman Actor Is Reportedly Attached To A Tetris Movie

    Story to focus on the race for IP rights

    Remember a few years ago when a movie adaptation of Tetris was supposedly in the works? The one that was supposed to be the first in a trilogy of sci-fi thrillers? It always seemed a bit far-fetched, but stranger things have happened. After all, that Battleships film got made with Liam Neeson. However, it...



  • Feature The Man Who Lost Tetris

    The almost unbelievable story of Robert Maxwell

    Media tycoon Robert Maxwell’s influence on the UK and international games’ software industry is the stuff of legend. As Dan Ackmerman’s writes in The Tetris Effect, Maxwell’s part in the international battle for the rights to Tetris resulted in legal battles between his son, Kevin Maxwell,...


  • Feature How Switch Brings Back Game Boy Multiplayer Memories

    A link (cable) to the past

    Quite apart from the huge number of great games coming to the system every week, one result of Switch’s success that we’ve really enjoyed is how it has brought back a focus on local multiplayer gaming not seen since the N64 days. Online is still king, of course, but we’d argue there’s nothing quite like the rush of...

  • News Puma Launches Its Tetris-Themed Collection

    An iconic crossover

    Shoe and video game crossovers appear to be a thing now. Following on from Nike's Nintendo 64 Air Max tribute, Puma has now launched its previously announced Tetris-themed shoe and apparel line. The PUMA x TETRIS collection includes Puma's "future-retro" RS 9.8 and RS-X sneakers. Both come in daring colours a

  • Random Oh Dear, US Quiz Show Jeopardy! Just Fell For A Fake Tetris Trivia Prank

    When fact-checking goes out the window

    Any of our American chums browsing this very site - and indeed plenty from elsewhere, we imagine - will no doubt be familiar with Jeopardy!, the US quiz show where contestants must respond to general knowledge clues with a question as their answer. If that didn't make much sense, sorry - it's not the easiest...



  • Video Tetris Sounds Even Better On This Outdated Flip-Dot Display

    Now all we need is the theme song

    Earlier this year, the timeless tile-matching puzzle game was reinvented as a battle royale known as Tetris 99 on the Switch. Nintendo followed this up recently with the release of the paid Big Block DLC – adding two new offline modes. If you’re perhaps seeking more of a classic fix, how about Tetris on an old...












  • News Upcoming Tetris Movie is Confirmed to be the First in a Trilogy

    "The story we conceived is so big"

    When news emerged earlier this year that there'd be a Tetris movie, bemusement seemed like a fair reaction. How do you compose a narrative and movie out of this particular iconic game? Back then producer Larry Kasanoff - whose credits include work on films like True Lies - spoke of the film having a surprise...


  • News A Tetris Movie is in the Making

    And, of course, it will be a trilogy

    It could certainly be argued that the original Game Boy owes a large chunk of its initial success to Tetris. Released as a pack-in game with every Game Boy, the simple yet addictive falling block game took the world by storm, instantly cementing itself as a large piece of gaming history. Tetris has sold hundreds...





  • News Super Mario Bros. Inducted Into the World Video Game Hall of Fame

    Along with Tetris and four other games

    Not too long ago we told you about the World Video Game Hall of Fame, an initiative launched by the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York. A committee of games writers, academics and industry veterans was formed to deliberate over what games would be admitted into the list, with an initial...





  • News Two Tetris Downloads to be Removed from the 3DS eShop in Europe

    Blocks dropped

    Occasionally we see some enjoyable titles disappear from Nintendo's download stores, often retro titles and likely the result of a licensing issue. We're a little surprised by the latest victims, however, which are set to disappear from the European 3DS eShop after 31st December. Following that date the store will lose the Game Boy...







  • News New Documentry Celebrates The World's Unsung Tetris Masters

    Block buster

    Everyone loves Tetris, right? Everyone from your grandma to Steve Wozniak, in fact! But for some people, the most famous video game ever to emerge from Russia is much more than just a way to waste a few minutes while waiting for the bus - it's a way of life, a challenge which defines and shapes their existence. Tetris lover Robin...


  • News Apple Co-Founder is a Tetris Master

    Those other gamers can't deny

    Tetris is a brand that will forever be in the history of handheld gaming in particular, as it's credited by many as being the key title to launching the Game Boy to popularity. It had appeared on various consoles before Nintendo's handheld, but found its home on the system and became a phenomenon. The second part of...