Also Known As
Contra (Japan), Probotector (Europe)
Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Game Boy

  • US 5th Feb 1991
  • EU 21st May 1992
  • JP 8th Jan 1991


  • Review Operation C (Game Boy)

    Does the diminutive adventure bring the big guns?

    Let's just get this out of the way now: if you like the NES games, you'll probably dig this entry. Operation C isn't an adaptation or a port (arguably); it is an old-school Contra game. It may lack in a few notable areas, but you'll largely enjoy it. Operation C does a pretty good job of sticking to...

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Operation C Screenshot
Operation C Screenshot
Operation C Screenshot
Operation C Screenshot
Operation C Screenshot
Operation C Screenshot
Operation C Screenshot
Operation C Screenshot

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    Contra is one of a handful of franchises that have become completely synonymous with gaming; indeed, chances are if you haven't played any Contra games, then you'll have at least heard of them. Konami's run-and-shoot-'em-up behemoth may have lost a lot of its lustre in recent years (pretty much par for the...

About The Game


Red Falcon had devoured a portion of this planet and now the vile Black Viper has come from deep space for seconds. But he hasn't come alone. Viper's transported a battalion of battletron tanks, stealth subs, laser cannons, and annihilating androids. And he's seized a secret naval lab to develop a new breed of supreme alien being. So Scorpion stands alone against biological experiments gone bad like towering tarantulas and venomous vesty files. His mission: level the lab before Biper transforms earth into an alien nation.

Although he may be a solo commando, Scorpion has an array of devastating weapons at his disposal like a M-90 Shell Shocker, Fire Phazer and Homing Blaster. But it will take more than sheer firepower to survive five new lethal levels of naval ports, forests, caverns and a laboratory filled with genetic mutants. You're got a snowball's chance in Haiti of making it!

Of course, that's the way Scorpion likes it!