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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 2024


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About The Game

Glory Hunters is an all-new action-adventure RPG for the original Game Boy with a unique and original twist: you progress through the game by obtaining achievements.

Key Features

  • A unique experience in the action-adventure RPG genre. The only game where you progress by obtaining achievements!
  • A giant map (aiming to be the biggest one in a Game Boy game) for you to explore freely.
  • Nonlinear gameplay.
  • Over a thousand achievements.
  • An epic story in a world full of lore.
  • Many eccentric characters that will aid you during your quest.
  • 20 hours + of gameplay and high replay value.
  • Physical cartridges will feature battery-less saving! No more lost saves or soldering irons.
  • Digital rewards will include a .pocket file for the Analogue Pocket alongside a Steam Key to play it on your computer (PC only).


A massive object is about to strike Earth and you hear the call: Rise hunter.

Knights and warriors around the world make journeys from their homeland to the ancient gods' vessels seeking for their blessing in an hour of need. These courageous heroes are called Glory Hunters.

Fire has lit the sky announcing the last days of the world. Is up to you to find one of the four gods' vessels to save the land of Glorianta.

Glory Hunters is an all-new action-adventure RPG for the original Game Boy with a unique and original twist: you progress by obtaining achievements that grants glory points.

Glory points are the main currency and they are mainly used to open your path in this world. You will be able to find many glorious deeds that award them by gathering materials, aid the townsfolk in various quests or diving into dungeons and caves to defeat different kinds of mobs!

Players can choose freely where to go and discover different zones with unique minigames, enemies and funny characters!

You can also upgrade your health, buy more items or hire people to help you on this quest. You are free to spend glory points to create your very own and unique personal experience!

Bitmap Soft will publish Glory Hunters in Game Boy Cartridge format compatible with the original Game Boy DMG, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. Physical rewards at the Kickstarter will come directly from them. The standard version and the collector’s edition will be offered during the Kickstarter.

Glory awaits everywhere

Discover and hunt various achievements. You can be a pacifist and focus on gathering, puzzle-solving and questing or choose the fighter way, by traversing caves and dungeons to defeat the evil that lurks within their walls. You will find that almost every action can grant you glory!

A world full of life

Venture into an open world full of possibilities and meet many characters across the land! You choose where to go and which one of the four gods you want to awaken. Lose yourself in a game full of lore and many secrets! Maybe you’ll encounter secrets and events that others may never find on their first adventure!

An adventure that will last forever

Once you finish the game by awakening one of the gods, you can start over and choose to seek a different one. Choose your own adventure: Revisit your favorite characters, towns, and events, or attempt to open a new way to discover a whole new experience on your next journey. If you are one of the real hardcore players, maybe you will be one of the few ones to awaken all four gods in a single run!

A nostalgic trip

Delve in a game that has the same glorious retro graphics and sounds used over 30 years ago. You can dust off your old handheld consoles (Game Boy DMG, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Light, Super Game Boy, Game Boy Advance) and relive that 90’s experience from your childhood. Alternatively you can join the hunt by adding the game’s files to modern emulation devices (Anbernic, Retroid Pocket, GPD, Powkiddy, Raspberry Pi) or even play it on the Analogue Pocket!