Also Known As
Petz Dog Superstar (EU title)
Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date


  • US 2nd Aug 2010, 800 points
  • EU 1st Oct 2010, 800 points


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    Dogs are widely considered to be a great friend of man – in fact, some would go so far as to call the species man's best friend. Known for their obedience and constant attention, they make a perfect model for a virtual pet. It's no coincidence then that Petz Dogz Family is the best of the DSiWare series. Like its feline and rodent...

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Petz Dogz Family Screenshot
Petz Dogz Family Screenshot
Petz Dogz Family Screenshot

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About The Game

There's a whole family of dogs you can adopt and love!

Take care of them, discover their unique personalities and teach them fun tricks. Choose from favorite breeds such as golden retrievers and Labradors. Give your dogs the best care. Feed them, groom them and discover their individual personalities – some will be funny, others will be shy. Engage in fun activities with your pups – including playing with a flying disc and running obstacle courses – to turn them into talented dogs.