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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 19th Jul 2012, 800 points
  • JP 14th Mar 2012
  • EU 25th Jul 2013, 800 points
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  • Review Petit Computer (DSiWare)

    Massive potential, minor headache

    There are few better places to learn programming than within the BASIC family — heck, it's in the name — which offers general-purpose, relatively simple environments in which to learn the ropes and concepts of coding. Petit Computer is a powerful BASIC coding environment, a type of homebrew application seldom...

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About The Game

A fun and easy-to-use tool for creating your own BASIC programs.

Petit Computer is an easy-to-use programming tool that lets you create everything from music, to images, to your very own original games using an adapted version of the classic BASIC programming language. Whether you have experience of BASIC, or are a complete novice, you will find that Petit Computer will give you the skills you need to create your own programs. You can select commands and run programs using the Nintendo DS Touch Screen, and you can even share your creations via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, allowing you to collaborate with other users.

You can also create special QR codes containing your programs that other users can scan using their Nintendo DS system camera. Petit Computer is a perfect companion for anyone who has ever wanted to delve deeper into the world of computer programming.