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  • 12th Dec 2013

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Orion's Odyssey Screenshot
Orion's Odyssey Screenshot
Orion's Odyssey Screenshot


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    A little Odyssey

    Island Officials' Kickstarter-funded puzzler Orion's Odyssey is the spiritual successor to Hands On! Tangrams, a fun but one-note title that had solid gameplay but little variety and was severely lacking in presentation. Island Officials has crafted a more polished experience with a charming presentation and story, but with...

About The Game

Orion’s Odyssey is a geometric shape puzzle game. Help Orion the Robot solve Earths problems by using his unique ability to create anything he can imagine with the power of pattern blocks. Save the world one puzzle at a time!

This game is the successor to Hands On! Tangrams. Dissection puzzles claim to date back over 4000 years invented by a Chinese god named Tan and brought to Philadelphia, America in 1815 by Captain M Donaldson! Orion’s Odyssey is a Pattern Blocks adventure for all the family.

  • 10 themed levels
  • 100 pattern puzzles
  • 8-10 hours of gameplay
  • Massive replayabilty