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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 30th Aug 2010, 500 points
  • EU 15th Sep 2011, 200 points
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    Perhaps a bit too old-school for some

    Shoot 'em ups have evolved quite a bit since their humble beginning in arcades back in the early 80's, taking on a much more maniacal pacing and intensity in recent years. While we've already seen Metal Torrent offer a more modern shooting experience on the DSiWare service, Cosmos X2 takes a slightly different...

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About The Game

Enjoy on the go excitement as you take control of the Cosmos X2 and fight back against the alien invasion.

Equip your ship with two weapon systems of your choice. Each weapon system has its own energy level. When an enemy is defeated, the inactive weapon recovers energy, requiring a balanced usage to maximize your chances of survival.


Choose from 3 weapon systems:
Power - high powered shots that fire straight ahead. The shield surrounds your ship in explosions that vaporize bullets and damage enemies.
Attraction - weak, rapid fire shots that home in on enemies. The shield draws in enemy fire and regenerates health with each shot absorbed.
Repulsion - fires three shots that spread apart. Hit an enemy with all three shots to deal heavy damage. The shield reflects bullets back at the enemies, turning their own shots against them.
Play through 6 levels of alien attacks in this exciting, side scrolling shoot ‘em up.

Upgrade your weapons as you fight through the alien invasion force.

Switch dynamically between 2 weapon systems as the situation changes.

Second screen allows you to monitor enemy activity on radar and receive tips from the commander.

Three bonus modes provide new scenarios with unique challenges.