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  • Talking Point The Future of Metroid

    Where next, Samus?

    It’s a big anniversary for Metroid, joining Mario and Zelda in the 25 year club. It’s interesting to note that there hasn’t been much fanfare from Nintendo, with the upcoming 3DS ‘Ambassador’ release of GBA classic Metroid Fusion being the only sign of Samus this year. It seems that as a franchise, Metroid is very much...



  • News Trace Your Figure

    First 4 Figures release another Nintendo figure, this time its Trace from Metroid Prime Hunters.

    Alex over at First 4 Figures has pointed out that a new figure will be available in Q1 2007, the blood red Trace figure is another limited edition model with only 1,500 being made. "First 4 Figures is extremely proud to present Trace, the first in the Metroid Prime Hunters collectable series. First..


  • News US Metroid Prime Hunters To Get Free Rumble

    Nintendo announce a limited edition Metroid Prime: Hunters with free DS Rumble Pak... US Only.

    Today Nintendo of America have announced that they will be offering a bundled free DS Rumble Pak for those who pick up Metroid Prime Hunters. You may remember this accessory from games such as Metroid: Pinball. "The accessory fits into the Game Boy® Advance cartridge slot and delivers good..


  • News May Named As Hunting Season

    "The wait for the interstellar bounty-hunters, and gaming's toughest heroine is finally over" - Nintendo

    One of the hottest titles on the Nintendo DS at the moment is released next week in the US, however Nintendo have today announced that European gamers will have to wait another month or so as Metroid Prime Hunters will be released on May 5th. This game features touch-screen controls, Wi-Fi game..

  • News Metroid Prime Cheaters Will Be Hunted reveal lots of Metroid features in an interview with the games designer, Rich Vorodi.'s "NOA Andy" had a chance to sit down with the game designer behind the highly anticipated new Metroid game, Metroid Prime Hunters for Nintendo DS. Rich Vorodi first explained abit about his role in the development and what he was responsible for. "I was the game designer for Metroid..


  • News Metroid Prime: "Voice Chat" Hunters

    Get your chat, voice over ip comes to the upcoming Metroid Prime: Hunters for Nintendo DS.

    Nintendo seems to be changing its spots and adopting modern standards, today its been announced that a "voice chat" mode will be added into the upcoming Metroid game for Nintendo DS. "The new Metroid Prime Hunters game for Nintendo DS will give gamers the...


  • News Metroid Spin-Offs On The Way?

    Nintendo look to extend the Metroid franchise with the new "Hunters".

    Metroid Prime Hunters, set to finally release on Nintendo DS early this year (March 20th if you have your diary to hand) might spark a few spin-off titles according to various sources. The eagerly awaited DS title will feature 6 new "bounty hunters" - no, not the chocolate bars - each with their own story and background..