Number of Players
Release Date


  • US 20th Nov 2005
  • EU 3rd Feb 2006


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About The Game

Packed with an enhanced battle system, original moves, new characters, massively powered up team battles, hidden content, wireless multiplayer functionality, and expanded story mode with branching storylines, the game packs a mean punch sure to invigorate fans of the franchise and Nintendo DS owners who want a fight worthy of their skills and the console.

The two screens come into play during combination moves where adversaries can be sent hurtling the full length of both screens to their demise, and also during a Special Attack cut-in when the lower screen displays the top image as seen through a scouter, faithfully recreating a popular effect recognized by fans of the series. Wireless multiplayer gameplay allows two Nintendo DS owners to go head-to-head for one of the most central and exhilarating aspects of any Dragon Ball fighting game.