Also Known As
Puppies 3D (USA)
Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date


  • US 14th Nov 2011
  • EU 11th Nov 2011


  • Review Puppies World 3D (3DS)

    Leaving you smitten or just flea-bitten?

    Nintendo certainly struck gold with Nintendogs on the DS back in 2005, winning the hearts of millions of gamers the world over with its blend of training, walking and generally caring for a band of virtual puppies so convincingly animated that you’d swear Battersea Dogs Home had dumped a truckload of actual...

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Puppies World 3D Screenshot
Puppies World 3D Screenshot
Puppies World 3D Screenshot

About The Game

Bond and interact with a family of the most adorable 3D puppies in a lifelike world, and choose from the most popular breeds.

Adopt your own puppies, take care of them, play with them, exercise them, train them and socialize with them, all in an incredibly realistic & interactive 3D environment!


Adopt and take care of 12 breeds of dogs and choose from the most popular breeds
Pet them, feed them, groom them, bath them, and even dress them up
Teach them 10 different tricks and enter them into obedience contests
Keep your puppy active by playing sports like Frisbee or basketball
Strive to complete challenges to become the best puppy trainer ever

Interact and train your virtual dogs as if they’re real pets
Puppies can practically live in YOUR real environment - take a photo of your room and turn it into a room your puppies play in within the game
Use an AR card to have your puppy appear in the real world
Keep your best memories by snapping photos and decorating them for your album
Explore a village filled with people and other dogs to discover and interact with
Walk to the village and unlock unique items
Interact with people who might have some tips and challenges for you
Visit shops and pamper your puppy with new clothes, toys, and accessories
Discover and receive even more items through StreetPass